Cloud Computing

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The Cloud you choose and how you interact with it can be the difference between success and failure.

In 2023, you find the term “best practice” used far less than in 1999. How you provide access to your applications to end users depends on many technical, organizational, and cultural factors. Our Cloud Computing Experts can answer that elusive question, what’s the best place for our systems to exist?

Specific Questions We Can Help You Answer

  • What’s the best way to provide redundancy in the event of a failure or disaster?
  • Can we achieve our goals using Multi Cloud?
  • Is my application in the best place possible with consideration to performance and cost?
  • Are we overspending in the cloud?
  • Is our DevOps strategy secure and does it reduce time to market for our applications?
  • Does our application work in the cloud and can it leverage the economies of scale that the cloud offers?
  • What public cloud provider should we use for our application?

Specific Services We Can Offer

Cloud Cost Management

Are Skyrocketing Cloud Bills Eating Your Profits? The cloud brought us unlimited scale and absolved us of the need to manage the physical aspects of infrastructure. With unlimited scale comes the potential for “capital expenditure like” bills. It’s hard to justify the move to cloud when some bills are starting to look as bad as […]

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Cloud Strategy & Optimization

Where Should Your Application Live? Perhaps your application has great uptime but the monthly bills are out of control. Are you being hindered from serving more clients with your application? Uptime has been the critical measurement that IT departments have been subject to, but at times, the cost of keeping good uptime hasn’t allow organizations […]

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Find Public or Private Cloud Solutions

Not all Applications Fit Public Cloud The IT Maturity Model doesn’t dictate the need to move your applications into public cloud. There are many factors that determine the optimal space for your applications. While our optimization services may can tune what you have, our Public and Private Cloud sourcing services are ideal for many organizations […]

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Is VDI Better For Your Organization? Centralizing all desktop instances into a VDI environment is appealing to many. Equipment management, security, and theft make this a difficult decision for many organizations. VDI – Organization Specific There are organizations that could really use VDI for a large subset of employees. Certain organizations, the nuance of VDI […]

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