About Us

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Our Story

In 2007, our co-founders, Michael and Shirin, recognized the limitations of relying on a single firm’s one-size-fits-all solutions when approaching complex problems. To truly serve their clients and achieve digital transformation, they knew they needed to forge partnerships with a diverse range of service providers across various technology platforms.

By 2010, our dedication and expertise had earned the trust of larger firms we had previously worked with. They entrusted us with significant projects that propelled our business growth and scalability.

In 2020, we found ourselves enabling remote work solutions that surpassed the quality and efficiency of traditional office setups.

By 2023, we realized that our name, ColoAdvisor, no longer reflected our comprehensive expertise in cloud services, CCaaS, connectivity, collaboration, unified communication, security, telecom, and IT services. Consequently, we underwent a rebranding process, adopting the name “515 Engine.”

Today, at 515 Engine, our primary focus lies in assisting organizations with their unique digital transformation journeys. We firmly believe that in an era marked by numerous constraints imposed on businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all best practice. We strive to tailor our solutions to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.

Our Team

Shirin Elkoshairi, a co-founder and the lead solutions engineer of 515 Engine, holds a BA in Social Sciences from Washington State University. Shirin has always been passionate about solving problems using technology. Shirin’s earliest corporate projects involved implementing a 10BASE2 network to eliminate sneaker net, which allowed departments outside of accounting to access “the good printer” as well.

Based in the Portland, Oregon, Shirin enjoys hanging out with family, and exploring the Pacific Northwest’s trails by mountain bike. [LinkedIn Bio]